The best of Admeld,
now in DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Since 2008, Admeld has led the industry in helping premium publishers maximize their ad revenue and simplify their operations. Admeld pioneered the private ad exchange and built technology that made it easy for publishers to identify new opportunities and control how every impression is sold.

Google bought Admeld in 2011 and we’ve worked diligently to build Admeld’s best features into the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Now that we’ve completed the integration, AdX provides publishers a unique platform that combines robust, publisher-centric tools with a massive, global pool of demand. When paired with our ad server, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), the benefits of the DoubleClick publisher platform are even more compelling: it's one platform to maximize yield across your direct and indirect sales channels, on every format and every device.

With DoubleClick Ad Exchange, you can:

  • Get full visibility into how buyers are buying (and bidding) on your inventory.
  • Set granular rules about who can see your inventory, who can buy it, and for how much.
  • Tap into demand from every major agency, ad network, and DSP.
  • Negotiate private deals with select buyers at premium rates.
  • Connect seamlessly with DFP to optimize your direct and indirect revenues.
  • Relax, because you’re protected by Google’s global anti-malware infrastructure.

To learn more about why Google bought Admeld and all the great features we’ve built into the Ad Exchange, read this blog post. And for more information about DoubleClick’s publisher platform, visit our website.